Saturday, June 05, 2010

Yays and Boos

Final year - Booyay

No assignments - Yay

Laptop broken - Boo

Short hair - Boo

Malacca - Yay

Hurt my eggs in Malacca - Boo

My eggs are still functioning - Yay

^Too much info - Boo

Satay celup - Yay

Unhygienic tho - Boo

Buying new desktop - Yay

There goes intern money and red packets - Boo

Boon Ping's coming back today - Yay

Playing bball with the gang tmr - Yay

Saw Kahhoe's comment in the chatbox - Boooo

OMY is still faithfully updating her blog - Yay

I'm not - Boo

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hehe xp

OPS! I'm so sorry for leaving this blog without updates for so longggggg!!! NOT!!! XP

It's just that I've lost ideas on what to write aside from being all so lazy but nevertheless very very busy with mah work! Gosh what am I saying @.@

BUT YEAH! VERY BUSY! Like a bee, a busy-bee. Or an ant. Or worm.. Whatever! ( If u happen to see me on facebook, I'm actually working really hard at the moment =X )

But it's not like I have any readers =\ Those who visit by my blogs are those looking for digimon. DIGIMON! JUST DIGIMONNNZORS ZOMFGGGGGGGGGGORS AND YESSS THE LINKS ARE DEADDDDDDD! AS DEAD AS.. AS.. AS SOMEONE DEAD!!

Anyway, what's with domestic dogs? Do I look like a meatloaf or something? Yea yea, you're all tough and shit barking behind them gates =.=

PFFFTT! Without those gates, you noisy dogs are just chickens!! CHICKENS I SAY!!

Big Scary Chickens T_T

Big scary four-legged chickens. Big scary four-legged chickens with fangs. Big scary four-legged chickens with fangs without a beak and wings.


Ok a dog.

CURSES!!! One of these days, Ima get myself a dog. A huge 1! Like a cross-breed between a pit AND A CROCODILE! JUST YOU WAIT!!

Ok I'm tired, bai! JUST YOU WAIT!!!!