Saturday, June 05, 2010

Yays and Boos

Final year - Booyay

No assignments - Yay

Laptop broken - Boo

Short hair - Boo

Malacca - Yay

Hurt my eggs in Malacca - Boo

My eggs are still functioning - Yay

^Too much info - Boo

Satay celup - Yay

Unhygienic tho - Boo

Buying new desktop - Yay

There goes intern money and red packets - Boo

Boon Ping's coming back today - Yay

Playing bball with the gang tmr - Yay

Saw Kahhoe's comment in the chatbox - Boooo

OMY is still faithfully updating her blog - Yay

I'm not - Boo


Great Britain Shop Information said...

Nice one!!

Jt Moser said...

Haha really funny (except for the egg part).